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About us


Avarsha was co-founded by two former senior engineers and a team of renowned experts from the tech startup industry. The company has received over two million $ in investment funds during its Pre-A round and continues to grow exponentially. Through big data mining and advanced machine learning technology, we are committed to building the world's largest e-business metadata and European e-business user behavior data repository, and to automatically index, manage, and recommend commodities based on customers' favorite personalized products worldwide.

Currently, Avarsha has established over 4 million products, 4 billion product metadata and 100 thousand hotspot database based on user interests. In the coming year, we strive to provide even more accurate and precise product recommendations for at least 10 million users interested in using hotspot database from around the world.


Avarsha is a start-up company dedicated to providing customers with the most up-to-date access to beautiful, quality products. Keeping a finger on the pulse of fashion, Avarsha offers a glimpse into designer clothing, handbags, jewelry and much more at a reasonable price.

Social Network

Different from the typical online retail, Avarsha also serves as a social platform for fashion lovers worldwide. Users are able to provide perspectives, exchange ideas, and share their passion for styles based on each popular collection. Our aim is to create an interactive and unique shopping experience that goes beyond the get in-get out process. In the words of renowned photographer Bill Cunningham, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” While style is individualistic, at Avarsha, we believe in building a community that promotes friendship and celebrates differences.

Expertise in Fashion and Style

Avarsha offers a clean cut layout and easy to navigate pages that provide optimal user experiences. Customers are always excited to discover our weekly updates on fashion trends based on seasonal changes, blogger recommendations, and discounted items. Our array of topics range from wearing white for plus size women to fashion history on culturally significant pieces. Instead of asking you to leave your comfort zone, we bring the world of fashion know-hows directly to you.

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